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The price of gold in the Egyptian

The price of gold in the Egyptian pounds and its attention is very high for the value of gold, which is the highest value of gold in the world's value, and is justified by this increase in the value of dollars more than the value in the ounce, because the world's gold price and incidents have one of the various markets and not the countries or governments to intervene in the price moves, but the Egyptian market has reached the peak of everything is close The normal value of 24 carcar is 500 pounds per gram and is itself a waste for those who want decorations and decorations, and considerable wealth for those who want to invest.

Hamid explained that the value of an ounce (oz) worldwide grew 27% at the start of the negotiating price of $ 1066, and now reaches $ 1360, and most of the money, the proportion buying gold benefits by 30%, but the situation is different from the Egyptian market and the price comes down to gold due to the high dollar value of the pound and the price of 8 dollars per dollar dollars to at 11 pounds, and the value of a gram dividend of 24 estimated 77% caliber, since the value of a gram today is 474 pounds at the start of the year, the price does not exceed 267 pounds and it a test It's obvious for people who want to invest in gold, because the next few days will double the T gram price hoping to achieve the aspect ratio of 150%, default Expected by most analysts, because of all sorts the price of the price follows you rush is $ 1400, and the words of the new Egyptian governor's central bank by lowering the value of mines to see the dollar is equivalent to 15 pounds, and then the prices of a gram 24 Egyptian market 675 pounds a 42% increase in value only on the day.

In the near future of the Egyptian market for gold, Hamid said the data on the Egyptian market and gold mining industry are in line with the weak economy and the lower purchasing power of the people because of Egyptian market is the best jewelry in the world and the professionalism and technology of making Egyptian handicrafts artworks all of its ornaments. And the love of buying gold for the Egyptian people generally has no saturation limit, and the number becomes 90 tonnes if each of the Egyptians buys only one gram.

He advised the Egyptians to cover gold in safety and a treasure store in the light of the current economic crisis in Egypt and the treatment of mines was the purchase of gold, because the only AGAE product in the world In cases of inflation, a gram or gram of raw gold or bullion can be bought as additional liquidity is available. Individual needs.

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